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"Caidy has been my personal hair stylist for a little over a year now so naturally who better to trust to make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day?! Caidy is such a beautiful person inside and out, and she is SO passionate about what she does. She did an absolutely amazing job on my hair and make-up on my wedding day and her team did a wonderful job on my bridesmaids' hair. Everyone loved their looks, and Caidy made sure of that before they were finished....and they don't just stop with the ladies! She also styled my husband's hair...because he never styles his hair, and let’s face it...the day of the wedding is not the day for him to try to do it himself :) I received multiple comments on how wonderful everyone looked and there is no way we could have done that without Caidy Marie Beauty! Caidy and her team came to the hotel room where we were all getting ready and set-up and did their thing right there in the room...which was amazing because then we didn't have to worry about running around/out to a salon. It made the getting ready process so much more laid back and fun! I am so happy Caidy and her team were a part of my wedding day...we could not have looked so beautiful without her!"

- Courtney Millard

highly recommend! beyond happy!

Caidy has been one of my best friends for 15+ years. When it came to choosing someone to do my hair and make-up for the most important day of my life (my wedding), there was no one else I even thought of asking. Growing up, Caidy did my hair for so many important events, from homecoming dances to sporting events to special dates. She had such a passion for hair and makeup and I had no doubt she would be extremely successful in her field. Caidy and her team did such an amazing job on my own wedding hair and make-up and my bridesmaids as well. I felt extremely comfortable telling them exactly what I wanted and didn't want, and even when I wasn't sure, they were able to give me options to help me figure out what made me feel the most beautiful. Caidy and her team are extremely professional, timely, friendly, and organized. They made the morning of my wedding so easy and care-free, and I was able to just enjoy my time with my bridesmaids getting ready for my special day. Caidy made me feel absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't have been happier with the way my hair and make-up turned out. I received so many compliments on my hair and it still looked amazing at the end of the night. In the beginning, I was hesitant to get airbrush makeup done because I never had my makeup done professionally before and I wanted to make sure I still looked like myself. Caidy and her team did an amazing job of listening to my concerns, and created the perfect look for me that was not too dramatic or over the top and made me feel like the most beautiful version of myself. Caidy was such a help to my whole bridal party, always there to put a finishing touch on anyone who needed it. She came to the rescue for my mom last minute, touching up her curls (my mom had curled her own hair for other reasons) and spraying her make-up with a finishing spray free of charge. Even though Caidy had to get ready herself (yes, she was one of my bridesmaids!), she put everyone else's needs before herself. I would recommend Caidy Marie Beauty to anyone looking for a hair and make-up vendor for any big event, but especially to a bride who may be nervous about trusting someone else to do their hair or makeup. Caidy will listen to what you want and do everything she can to make sure you are 100% happy with the way you look on your wedding day. She is a natural at what she does and the best in her field, with an amazing team of stylists behind her! I guarantee you will be beyond happy with her!

- Laura Hazely


"I hired Caidy from Caidy Marie Beauty as my hair and makeup stylist for mother, mybridesmaids, and myself on my wedding day. I planned on getting ready at the venue that morning. She was more than willing to go to the venue and work on all of our hair and make-up. I was very peculiar, but I needed a lot of help figuring out the “perfect look”. Caidy was exceptional at using her expertise to develop and create the most amazing style that fit all of our personalities, style, and taste. She was very helpful and versatile. I was once of those brides that wasn’t sure what to do with my hair and makeup. She was very accommodating and with some trial runs and a change of hair color, the finished look was incredible and I couldn’t have been happier. My 3-year-old niece was my flower girl. She had never had her hair professionally done. Caidy was very patient and created the cutest up-do for her that looked adorable.
On the wedding day, Caidy was very exciting and fun! She fit right in with all my family and bridesmaids while getting ready. She was very professional and took on the very large task of styling many people’s hair and make-up on the wedding day. She completed the task with time to spare, and everyone looked great. All night people asked who did our hair and make-up! I would highly recommend her for any event that you want to look amazing, she is extremely talented and her attention to detail is exquisite. Thanks Caidy!"

- Katie Roelens


"Being a particular bride, I had high expectations for my wedding (EVEN for the minor details). I met Caidy through my sister and have always adored her bright personality and her eye for detail. So, when I heard she was merging into the airbrush makeup world, I was 100% on board. I didn’t even need a consultation with her, all I needed was 5 minutes prior to her applying my makeup on my wedding day, and it came out PERFECT. Not only did she do the makeup for me, but she took care of my entire bridal party and dazzled us all with her talent. Her prices are great, she really understands what her client wants, and she is a truly gifted hair/makeup artist. I would recommend her to anyone. PLUS, she has fun specials sometimes that anyone would love, like a free mini lipgloss with a makeup application. Thanks again, Caidy!"

- Christine Brisse


"When it comes to hair and makeup – I am completely lost. Ask my sister – she got the style gene, not me! However, I trust Caidy Marie Beauty to make me look good; especially on my wedding day. Caidy Marie Beauty was awesome to work with! Prior to my wedding day, Caidy met with me for a trail run on my make-up and hair. I had all those bridal magazines, booked marked with hairstyles. I even brought them with me to the trial run! I even spent countless hours on The Knot looking up hair styles. But none was what I truly wanted. Clueless as I was, thankfully Caidy knew exactly what I had in mind. “Lots of curls, and something up!” Caidy ran with it and gave me the look I had envisioned. I’m not a big on make-up; Caidy knew this and made sure my make-up looked natural, yet flawless. Caidy made sure that my sister-in-law, who was 14 at the time, looked age appropriate with her make-up. My mother-in-law and I greatly appreciated that!
The best part was when Caidy was at my home on my wedding day. Although she was very professional – she was also just one of the girls for the day. Girls: remember when you were younger, and you use to play salon? Having your girlfriends doing your hair? That’s exactly what it felt like! I loved that she got to share this special day with me and my bridal party – as she felt like she was one of my girlfriends. I wouldn’t want anyone else to do my hair and make-up for any special occasion. Oh, I can’t forget she is very affordable!
As a bride, or anyone else getting their hair done for a special occasion – I think it is also important to know that my updo -as well as ALL my bridesmaids- lasted the whole night!!! Plus, my make-up looked great all night! Thanks so much Caidy Marie Beauty!"

- Karen McLaughlin

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